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eRecycling makes every day, Earth Day!

eRecycling Services

FREE electronics and appliance recycling for London, Ontario residents.

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You can eRecycle power tools, computers, microwaves and much more.

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We provide on site 2 phase Hard Drive Destruction to keep your data secure.

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You can eRecycle toaster ovens, fridges, stoves, dryers and much more.

Our Environmental Impact

We have diverted over 1 Million lbs of e-waste from landfills since our inception in 2014.


Testimonials from our Community

“Working with Green E-Recycling for the last three years has provided Elgin County and St. Thomas with a safe and secure way of disposing of electronic waste while allowing the STEAM Centre to use old technology in hands-on workshops.


Together we’ve collected over 200,000 lbs. of electronic waste and made it possible for hundreds of kids to take apart and learn from old tech while inspiring them to create something new!

Thank you soo soo much for all that you are doing!!!”


Jessica Gransaull

STEAM Centre

The Mission

Our mission is to provide our community with a reliable, prompt and economically friendly way to recycle electronic waste.

What we do

At Green eRecycling we provide professional and ethical removal of your e-waste from residential and commercial properties in the London, Ontario area, making sure your data is secured and your hard drives destroyed in the process.

Green e-Recycling Corp.

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